Government Performance Consulting

My business is Quadrumsoft – Government Management Systems

Leverage existing investments in Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace as the foundation for Government Performance Management, including for A-11 Part 6 in Federal Agencies and American Rescue Plan Compliance and Reporting for States and Local Governments.

screenshot of internal performance mgmt portal homepage for an agency internal use

The Big Value is in the Workshops and Consulting Services for Government Personnel

Defining and Refining Performance Measures for Performance Reporting

A-11 Part 6 Mgmt System

Government Performance and Results Act and the Foundations in Evidence Based Policymaking Act. Learn more about my system for enterprise performance mgmt.

Logic Modeling Workshops

Outcomes, outputs, activities, and inputs. Check out new logic modeling workshop formats for remote learners.

Data-driven Reviews

Data driven reviews managed as a capability of the performance office. My system uses Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual data-driven reviews. In combination with SharePoint, Excel, and Power BI, this solution offers the best user experience.

Modular Solutions: Workshops and Consulting

  • Logic Modeling to define and refine performance measures
  • Target Setting: Updating targets and reviewing threshold indicators
  • 60 Metadata Elements for Every Performance Measure
  • Collecting Data 1 Measure at a Time
  • Analyzing Measures and Associated Evidence for Context
  • Storyboarding Measures and Preparing Reports for Presentations
  • Managing Data Driven Reviews
  • Leadership for A-11 Mgmt as a System
  • Transformation Using Customer Experience Measures and Rewards
  • Winning GPRA and Evidence Based Policymaking Communications